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Product Name Supplier INCI Name
AMILITE ACS-12AJINOMOTOSodium Cocoyl Alaninate
Isoester-PAOKI OILPropylene Glycol
Cation HSAOKI OILSteartrimonium Saccharinate
Blaunon LAX-35AOKI OILLauramine Oxide
Blaiton OL-2AOKI OILOleamide DEA
Baunon SRP-0430BAOKI OILPPG-30 Steareth-4
Finesurf NDB-1400AOKI OILPPG-2 Dechth-10
Finesurf NDB-1000AOKI OILPPG-2 Deceth-7
Blaunon P-172AOKI OILPEG/PPG-10/30
Blaunon P-171AOKI OILPEG/PPG-5/30
Glusurf 10POAOKI OILPolyglceryl 10Pentaoleate
Glusurf 10MMAOKI OILPolyglceryl 10Myristate
Glusurf 10MLAOKI OILPolyglceryl 10Laurate
Glusurf 6DOAOKI OILPolyglceryl 6Dioleate
Glusurf 6MLAOKI OILPolyglceryl 6Laurate
Glusurf 4MLAOKI OILPolyglceryl 4Laurate
Glusurf 6MCAOKI OILPolyglceryl 6Caprate
Glusurf 4MCAOKI OILPolyglceryl 4Caprate
Glusurf 6MCLAOKI OILPolyglceryl 6Caprylate
Blaunon P-80AOKI OILSorbitan Oleate
Blaunon P-20AOKI OILSorbitan Laurate
Baunon SO-60TOAOKI OILSorbeth-60 Tetraoleate
Baunon SO-40TOAOKI OILSorbeth-40 Tetraoleate
Baunon SO-30TOAOKI OILSorbeth-30 Tetraoleate
Blaunon RGL-20TISEAOKI OILPEG-20 Glycerol Triisostearate
Blaunon RGL-15TISEAOKI OILPEG-15 Glycerol Triisostearate
Blaunon RGL-10TISEAOKI OILPEG-10 Glycerol Triisostearate
Blaunon RGL-20MISEAOKI OILPEG-20 Glycerol Isostearate
Blaunon RGL-10MISEAOKI OILPEG-10 Glycerol Isostearate
Blaunon RGL-8MISEAOKI OILPEG-8 Glycerol Isostearate
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